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Watched Pot

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well out in Cyberland. While looking over some of my recent posts, I have come to a realization. For an observer, pregnancy is BORING!

Yes of course there are ultrasound pictures and gender reveals and the birth whatnot, but no one (including C!) gets to experience the crazy day-to-day changes that constitute Being With Child(ren).Spectators just see the exterior of this incubation period; a slowly growing belly, more or less vomit depending on the day, and crazy circus tent clothing. Nine months is a long time to wait for something if you personally do not have people growing inside of you.

The whole situation reminds me of the adage that my mom always said, “A watched pot never boils!” So I am the pot that you are watching right now. It will be awhile before I boil over, but  hope you stay with me until then!


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Just a short post today, checking in with everyone. Things are going very well with the me and with our little aliens inside. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I have only thrown up once since Thursday (the day I threw up seven times)! This is a big accomplishment for me! I have thrown up at least once a day for about six weeks…I think we might be nearing the tail-end of this morning sickness thing, folks!

Again, very short today. I’m going to make some homemade blueberry banana pancakes for dinner. C takes what he can get now…he’s at the mercy of the wild merry-go-round that is my appetite.

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It’s Official…

…Facebook official, that is! Today I am 12 weeks along when it is considered appropriate (in most circles) to take the news public. Since, if you know me personally, you are aware that I am a shameless Harry Potter geek I decided to make my announcement “clever” and HP themed. C and I went to see the new movie on opening day (of course) and I forced him to take a picture of me in the theater in front of one of those huge movie cutouts. While he was embarrassed, he loves me and is amazing and didn’t complain too much. Here is the photo that I posted this morning! Sorry for my lack of face, but I’m still trying to maintain a degree of anonymity here…

DOUBLE FEATURE! Coming to home video 1/13/12!

And yes, that is the incredibly nerdy caption that I added. I told you; shameless. You’ll notice the date of 1/13/12. In all honesty that date is completely arbitrary. My “official” due date is February 3 but as many of you know twins have a tendency to come early. My doctor wants to get me to January 5. I, however, want January 13. The reasons for this are that 1) 1/13 is 37 weeks and it’s always good to have them cook a little longer and 2) 1/13 is Friday the 13th and they were retrieved/conceived on Friday the 13th in May! I figure it rounds out well this way.

Yesterday we had our fourth appointment and ultrasound. Everything went very, very well. They are still measuring well (Baby A at 11w5d with a heart rate of 162, Baby B at 12w1d with a heart rate of 161) and they look like actual babies! The pictures we received did not nearly do them justice with the amount of detail we were able to see. It was also shocking to see how much they are moving! Baby B had hiccups and his/her little body was bouncing around everywhere. Baby A was kicking and punching like a ninja and even was rolling over! I just looked over at the ultrasound technician and said “How can I not FEEL this? They’re going nuts!” She told me that soon I should be able to, they’re only as big as limes right now, so not quite yet.

We have our next appointment in two weeks but will not get an ultrasound until 16 weeks. I’m kind of disappointed, but I know how spoiled I am for already having four! Most people get two and that’s it. I hope that you all have a wonderful day, and I promise to keep updating the blog!

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Hello anyone who still checks this blog! I cannot apologize enough for my lack of posting the last (ahem) four weeks. I know I promised only a two-week hiatus, but I just got caught up in not being in class anymore, doing my comps, finishing my final project, making excuses…you know what I mean! Let me make it up to you, dearest reader, by satisfying your craving for information forthwith.

I would like to begin with an interesting quote that I encountered while reading a pregnancy book on multiples. The book stated that in some parts of Nigeria the worse insult that one could possibly fling at another woman is to point at her with two fingers and declare, “May you be the mother of twins!”

What have we gotten ourselves into?

As of today I am 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant with diamniotic/dichorionic twins. This means that our twins are fraternal (dizygotic, coming from two different eggs) and they are each in his/her own amniotic sac and have his/her own chorion (a part of the placenta responsible for the transfer of nutrients from mother to baby). The diagnosis of di/di twins is fantastic, as it means both babies have their own support system and no one will be stealing nourishment from the other. As of my third ultrasound, which took place on 7/7, everything looked perfect. The babies were both measuring exactly to-the-day at 9 weeks 6 days and their heart rates were 172 (Baby A) and 164 (Baby B). We were also able to see them moving around! It truly was incredible to see tiny arms and legs waving when only four weeks before they were nothing but black circles with grains of rice in the centers!

Everything looked great for me, as well. I have been suffering from moderate to severe “morning” sickness for about six weeks now. I am feeling much better, even though I am throwing up more often. I also have a bit of a belly, even though I have not gained ANY weight (still 1 pound under my pre-pregnancy weight!) due to the morning sickness. My doctor, (whom I love!) told me not to worry, however. The weight will come!

I think that is good for now. Our next ultrasound is on Thursday. After that we will be out of the first trimester already! Until next time, here is a picture of our babies!

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