Daddy Time

Tonight we met another pregnancy milestone; C was able to feel the babies move! Up until this evening I have only felt stirrings and flutters. Nothing could really be described as a “kick.” Then tonight we were sitting on the couch and suddenly I felt a for-certain kick low on my belly (Baby Girl?). It was so strong how could someone not feel it externally? C placed his hand on my stomach and almost immediately was able to feel a few good kicks. Incredible! He is very excited and I cried a little (surprise).

They’re getting so big! As of last week at the anatomy scan Baby Girl weighed 11oz and Baby Boy weighed 12 oz. Everything looked great on both of them, except Baby Boy has a little bit of fluid build up in his kidney, just like mommy does! This is somewhat common, so the doctor is not concerned and will check him out again next week.

I go in on Thursday so they can look at my kidney and make sure that everything is still within normal ranges. I’ve been battling some pretty intense pain on and off since the hospital visit, but I’m trying to drink lots of water and keep it under control. Other than that, things are going great! I’m loving this beautiful weather and can’t wait for fall to really start. Each day is another day closer to meeting our babies!


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  1. Oh congrats! I felt one tiny poke once so far, but nothing since. I figure I must have a couple weeks until I will be able to feel something more obvious.

    It’s so neat that we are both having boy/girl twins! I am happy as a clam about it. My boy is down lower so he’ll be arriving first!

    I’ll have to get back on Baby center soon. I am a slacker at the boards.

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