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Moving On…

We are now officially parents. The twins were born on January 9, 2012. I really feel this blog should remain dedicated to infertility and that we need a new start for our new lives as parents.

If you’d like to follow our new stories, please visit us here. Thanks for sharing our journey with us.


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New Year New Life

This year is going to be such a new and exciting one for C and me! Oh, the adventures that await us in twin-parenthood!

As of right now, the babies are still here. I’m 35 weeks and 6 days: 1 day shy of my ultimate goal of 36 weeks. We had an appointment on Tuesday (everything looked fantastic) and because of their amazing growth and a tiny little blip of a heart rate scare (thanks, Baby Boy) we went ahead and scheduled a c-section for next Friday, January 13th.

Friday the 13th? You might ask…isn’t that a bit of an unlucky date to schedule the birth of your twins? First, nonsense, you superstitious ninny. And second, I think it is pretty cool because if you recall our egg retrieval (and fertilization, and therefore conception) was on Friday, May 13th! Exactly nine months later! What could be luckier for these little miracles?

However, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t go into labor at any time before then! Everyone, including Dr. G, seems to think that I won’t really make it until next week. We’ll see! Until then I am just waddling around the house, nesting and getting things organized. I’m pretty uncomfortable (contractions, low back pain, separated pelvis, etc) but I’m hanging in there and taking lots of naps. Here is a pic from last week…I’m even bigger now! Wish us luck, and I’ll keep everyone updated.

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Talk about a delay…or a dead blog. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I took a little bit of a blogging hiatus since, well, October apparently!

So much has happened since those days when I first started feeling these little babies moving around! We are so lucky to have made it this far into the pregnancy without any major complications. As of today I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Just a few days shy of the ultimate goal of 36! Let’s see if I can make a list of significant events in Baby Girl’s and Baby Boy’s lives so far…

-Names have been officially agreed upon and tucked away until the babies are here. It’s a surprise!

-Nov. 11: (28 weeks) Pediatrician interviewed and selected.

– Nov. 5 & 26: (27w & 30w)I was the recipient of two amazing, generous showers compliments of C’s family and my family.

-Nov. 19: (29w1d) C and my mom painted the nursery. The color is amazing! We also got the cribs put together and the dresser up. This is starting to get real!

-Nov. 22: (29w4d) I made it to my short-term goal: Teach until Thanksgiving. My doctor’s were not confident that I would make it this far without going on bed rest, but I did it!

-Dec. 3- (31w1d) Our first pre-term labor scare. We went to the hospital at about 11pm. I was having a lot of regular contractions, getting closer together. By the time we made it to Labor & Delivery they were only 4 minutes apart! I was given fluids and terbutaline to stop the contractions. It worked, the babies were fine, and we were able to go home the next morning.

-Dec. 12- (32w3d) I made it to my mid-term goal: Direct my own Christmas Concert! I was so pleased (and relieved!) that I was able to be there for the concert. I don’t know what we would have done otherwise, so I’m glad everyone was cooperating. It went beautifully, too!

-Dec. 18- (33w2d) Second pre-term labor scare. Pretty much identical to the first hospital trip, only a lot less scary because we knew what to expect. Again, we were sent home in the morning and everyone was doing great.

-Dec. 21- (33w4d) Long-term goal demolished. I successfully taught through the entire first semester, just like I had planned, with only a few minor bumps along the way. Boo yah. :)

Since then I have been enjoying the holidays (especially the food!), finishing up the nursery, spending time with family and friends, counting contractions, and waiting for these two to make their appearance. They’re moving so much that my belly looks like a lava lamp. It seems so crazy that a few short months ago I was only able to feel the tiniest flutter!

There are so many other little milestones, joys, discomforts, victories, and concerns that almost makes me forget how we got here in the first place. I am so incredibly happy and grateful. It shouldn’t be too long now before they are here! Wish us luck!

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See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Hear Me

**So, I tried to post this last Wednesday, but apparently WordPress had other ideas and deleted half of my post, then did not publish it. Not incredibly pleased, but whatever.**

Alright. Though today’s latest exciting baby milestone can in no way compare to the touching tragedy of the end of The Who’s “Tommy,” and of course I am unable to hear my babies yet, it really seems as if they are definitely trying to make themselves known as of late. Many of you know that last week C was able to feel the twins move for the first time. I thought that was pretty neat, I guess (meaning I cried I was so excited). Today was something else, though!

I was expecting this, but in no way expecting this…Today I was sitting in a meeting and Baby B (I’m assuming from where he was positioned last week) gave me a big kick above my belly button. As I looked down, he kicked again but I SAW it! It was insane! The actual skin on my belly moved. I even said to my co-workers next to me “Holy cow! I just SAW one of the babies move!” So he looks at my belly right as Baby B kicks again and my co-worker saw it too! I was so excited that I cried a little again (yes, in the meeting. I’m pregnant. What do you want me to do?) and I couldn’t wait to get home and see if C would be able to see it, too.

This evening we were sitting on the couch and I was waiting for them to start to monkey around in there. Once they really started moving I told C to look at my stomach, expecting a reaction somewhere between awe and reverence once he saw his babies moving from inside my belly. Instead, when he saw the little protrusions that our babies were causing he just said “Ugh. Gross!” Sigh.


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Daddy Time

Tonight we met another pregnancy milestone; C was able to feel the babies move! Up until this evening I have only felt stirrings and flutters. Nothing could really be described as a “kick.” Then tonight we were sitting on the couch and suddenly I felt a for-certain kick low on my belly (Baby Girl?). It was so strong how could someone not feel it externally? C placed his hand on my stomach and almost immediately was able to feel a few good kicks. Incredible! He is very excited and I cried a little (surprise).

They’re getting so big! As of last week at the anatomy scan Baby Girl weighed 11oz and Baby Boy weighed 12 oz. Everything looked great on both of them, except Baby Boy has a little bit of fluid build up in his kidney, just like mommy does! This is somewhat common, so the doctor is not concerned and will check him out again next week.

I go in on Thursday so they can look at my kidney and make sure that everything is still within normal ranges. I’ve been battling some pretty intense pain on and off since the hospital visit, but I’m trying to drink lots of water and keep it under control. Other than that, things are going great! I’m loving this beautiful weather and can’t wait for fall to really start. Each day is another day closer to meeting our babies!

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Home again, home again.

I got to come home from the hospital today after my impromptu two-night hospital stay. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am feeling much better, am drinking lots of water, and trying to rest. Again, the hydronephrosis is a for-sure diagnosis, but it is not harmful to the babies. Though it will be a chronic issue that I’ll have to deal with throughout the entire pregnancy, my OB doesn’t seem to think that I’ll have such an acute attack again, now that we know what is going on.

For now I am just going to try to take it easy and rest up, because it is back to work tomorrow!

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Little Scare

So we had a bit of a scare yesterday. It was a normal Friday afternoon and I had just eaten lunch and was teaching my 5th hour class. At around 1pm I began to feel what I had assumed were gas pains in my lower right abdomen, but the sensation kept growing more severe and painful. After a few minutes the pain was such that I couldn’t take a full breath and I began sweating and got quite flushed. While my Spanish students were doing an activity, I called my assistant principal to watch my class while I caught my breath, or whatever, in the bathroom. He sent a secretary in after me…who sent a counselor in after me…who sent the principal in after me…who sent the nurse in after me.

In a very crowded small bathroom I was attempting to control the pain, not freak out, and stop crying. So many things were going through my mind! Pre-term labor, appendicitis, fetal distress, a possible helicopter ride to the nearby hospital with a Level III NICU. I was so scared that I think I was in denial about how serious the situation was, and kept insisting I would be fine to go back to teach class. When the pain got so bad that I realized I really needed to go home, I still was adamant that I could drive myself. I am incredibly lucky to have such thoughtful co-workers who have more sense than a pain-crazed pregnant woman. They made sure I was given a ride and got home safely.

As soon as I got home C and I got in the car and headed to the ER, which luckily is located only about 3 minutes away from our house, and arrived at 2:40. There were four or five people waiting out front when we got there and I felt so self-conscious. I am obviously pregnant, sobbing, and gasping from the pain. They (like me) probably assumed the worse.

We didn’t have to wait long to get through triage and get a room. They took blood and urine samples, checked the babies’ heart rates and did two ultrasounds. The pain was so severe that I just kind of “let go” after I found out that the babies were fine. My mind checked out and I didn’t really care what happened to me; I just knew that they were safe. After a few hours the doctors were able to rule out the very scary possibilities such as appendicitis, gallbladder issues, and kidney stones. Due to the my pain coming and going, they were afraid that it could be pre-term labor, so they called my OB who admitted me to the mother/baby unit for overnight monitoring.

It was a VERY long night, during which neither C nor I got much sleep. I was incredibly exhausted, but kept being awoken by  beeping, alarms, monitors, medications, and nurses. This morning my OB came back to look at the results from last night’s monitoring and definitely ruled out pre-term labor. Instead, he said that I have hydronephrosis, which is swelling of and fluid buildup around the right kidney. It caused by the babies pressing against the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder/urethra and can be incredibly painful. Hydronephrosis is relatively common in twin pregnancies, which was reassuring. It is not incredibly serious as long as I stay active (no bed rest…hooray!), drink lots of water, and keep the pain under control. Unfortunately, it will be a chronic problem until I have the babies.

My OB is keeping me tonight for observation as well, just in case. I hope I get to go home somewhat early tomorrow!

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