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What the Fax?

We discovered the reason for the no-call-back-from doctor issue that we experienced on Saturday. The hospital never faxed over the results!! Isn’t that unbelievable? Just seconds after they took my blood and I asked how long it would take for Dr. J’s office to receive the test results they just didn’t even bother to send them over. They have to go somewhere, right? Blood test results can’t just sit in a laboratory forever. Obviously if a doctor orders blood work he or she would most likely want to see it so that he or she can do his or her job and diagnose the patient. It’s just incredibly frustrating, because obviously these test results were highly anticipated and it’s my life (and sanity) we’re talking about!

Now on to the results themselves…the nurse told me that my hCG beta levels were at 255 on Saturday, and that it is a great first number! The look for a level between 5 and 500 for the first test and she seemed pretty optimistic. So I go back tomorrow to see if the levels have at least doubled. If so, we’re on our way!! If not we’ll go from there and take it day by day.


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