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Uno, dos, tres

Count ’em! That’s how many fertilized, one-celled embryos that C and I are currently parents to! Dr. J’s biologist called this morning to let us know that all three of our little, precious eggs that were fertilized survived the ICSI process and are incubating, growing, and dividing at the cellular level again and again. Isn’t science amazing?

We will for sure be doing a five-day transfer, which means another Indy trip on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, then bed rest for two days. “Cautiously optimistic” would be how I describe my current mood. Though I am delighted that they all fertilized and can’t wait to move on to the next step, there are still so many things that could go wrong between then and now.

Also, I’m a little scared that we have three.  This whole time I’ve been thinking two, and I know that three increases out chances, but do I really want three implanted? Could I really have TRIPLETS? Think of the risks! There is a high chance that not all of them will survive, or that not all of them will implant, and I know that implanting all three increases my chances of one healthy baby, but one can’t help but be concerned. Any thoughts on this?

Can’t wait until Wednesday….when the actual waiting begins!


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