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Fit to Burst

We are home, freshly implanted,  after another long drive from Indianapolis and the expert administrations of the incredible staff of the hospital and Dr. J’s office. I knew I need not have worried; Dr. B was friendly, personable, and knowledgeable, as well as a good joke-teller. That last one could have been slightly exaggerated due to my being drugged with Valium, however.

The transfer went incredible smoothly, even though we had to wait slightly longer today than we did for the retrieval. The only real downside of the entire experience was the Gatorade that I mentioned in this morning’s post. You see, in order for the doctor to clearly see one’s uterus on an ultrasound screen they must have a landmark to guide them. The obvious most easily manipulated of all the organs in that general vicinity is the bladder, therefore one’s bladder must be full for the procedure. I, not wanting to mess anything up, decided to chug an entire 32 ounce bottle of “Frost Riptide Rush” sports drink in the parking lot of the hospital and then take the prescribed Valium tablet I had been given. It was not a comfortable feeling. Even less comfortable was about 50 minutes later when we were waiting for Dr. B to come take us back to the transfer room.

This was bad. Very bad. I don’t think I have EVER needed to pee more urgently than I did this morning in that hospital room. It was all I could think about. C kept laughing and saying “Just think of your meditations…keep your mind off it.” Needless to say I didn’t appreciate the advice; deep relaxation is probably not a good thing when you’re trying to hold it in. When Dr. B came to talk to us and explain the procedure he, of course, asked if we had any questions. One would think that when undergoing an emotionally exhausting and complicated scientific process such as IVF couples would have an entire list of well thought-out questions to ask their doctor. Nope. Not us. I ask, “Has anyone ever peed on you during this procedure?” Sigh. He told me no, never, even though the nurse later told me that was a lie, that it happened quite frequently.

Ten agonizing, pee-free minutes later, I was on a bed in a little room (hoping I wouldn’t pee on Dr. B), holding C’s hand and watching our three little embryos being transferred to my uterus. Amazing. Here they are, our little guys.

Pretty cool, huh? Do you know how big they are?    .  <—That right there. A period in 12 point font. The one on the top/far right is the best; it’s an early blastocyst. The one to the far left is not as big as they’d like, but still really healthy so he’s got a good chance, too. The one in the middle has been at 5 cells since Monday, so we don’t have much hope for him, but who knows? We’ll see.

Now it’s time for rest and for waiting. Oh, and you know what? After witnessing our embryos being transferred through that incredible, touching act of science…I didn’t even have to pee that badly. :)



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