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They grow up so fast

Another call from the amazing biologists in Indianapolis; our baby embryos are still growing “like rock stars” as a blogger friend put it! Two of these little guys are already five cell embryos, and the third is already six cells! This is good progress and they should be up to eight or so by Wednesday when we have the transfer. Time flies by so quickly! I’m sure every mother says the same thing…”One day I was being sedated for my egg retrieval after stimulating my ovaries with hormone injections, and in no time at all they were eight cell embryos being transplanted into my uterus with a flexible needle! Next thing you know they’ll be implanting in my endometrium! They grow up so fast.” I know, I know…it’s pretty cliché .

In another phone call I found out that Dr. J isn’t going to be able to do the procedure on Wednesday. He will be out of town so the other RE (reproductive endocrinologist, for those of you who don’t speak infertility) Dr. B will perform the transfer. I have to admit that I freaked out just a little, but I have accepted this fact and I know in my heart that either one of these genius men and their team of incredible biologists will work their magic (well, science) to get us pregnant.

Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to my almost-grown-up little guys in Indy…we’ll be together soon!



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