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Gah! I have gotten so terrible at this blog thing. School doesn’t start until Monday, so I’m just enjoying the simple, summer life at the moment. Life is just so much calmer and freer from drama than it was this spring that it makes for less riveting blog-fodder…not that I’m complaining!

Was it really less than four months ago that we were fighting to not be consumed by the doubt and fear surrounding the inauguration of our first IVF cycle? That time of anxiety, stress, shots, and tests was all we could think about. We could barely hope for success; it had been so long since we had any good news that we almost forgot what getting good news was like. Then suddenly, one afternoon in late May, everything changed for the better.

Since then life has been happier and less dramatic. Not to say that these past 15 weeks have been worry-free. Pregnancy brings with it a new bundle of fears and worries, this time neatly packed into ultrasounds and FDA warnings instead of syringes. We can handle pregnancy…that’s the easy part! It’s the before and after that are the most challenging!

The twins are doing very well. They are very active and are as big as lemons now! I keep grabbing two lemons out of the fridge and holding them up to my growing belly…for scale, you see. I have felt them, very faintly, but I am looking forward to really be able to feel them moving. Perhaps it will make all of this seem more real! Our next appointment is on Tuesday morning, and if everyone cooperates we should be able to tell the genders! I am extremely excited, because knowing the genders will mean I can really begin planning for these babies.

I am feeling that Baby A is a boy…I dreamt about it. Baby B I don’t really have a “feeling” about, but my doctor seems to think that B is a girl. What do you think? Any dreams? Intuitions? Let me know what you think!


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