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Stay Cool pt. II

Okay. As some of you have figured out, after yesterday’s pregnancy blood test I never got a call from the doctor!! I waited all day and even into the night (“They could totally call at 9:30pm. Who knows?”). I couldn’t call in the afternoon to inquire after my results because the office closes at 10am on Saturdays (9am our time) and when the office is closed you can’t leave a message. At all. Your only option is to call the on-call physician if it’s something “urgent that can’t wait until the next business day.” Well, this isn’t really urgent, at least to you…it’s pretty urgent to me.

I’m trying not to get angry or upset. Someone dropped the ball, whether it was my hospital here who perhaps didn’t send the results to Dr. J, or maybe my papers got shuffled around at Dr. J’s office and it just didn’t make it to the call-back pile, or maybe one of the nurses just thought that one of the other nurses was going to do it. Whatever happened, I’m just trying to keep cool.

The only information they could have given me for this first test is the amount of hCG betas in my blood. If the levels are less than 5, it’s a negative. If they are between 5 and 500 it’s a “not necessarily negative.” You have to wait to compare it to the levels in your 2nd test to determine any true reults. If they’ve gone down, you’re not. If they’ve at least doubled, you are. If they’ve gone up a bit, something could be wrong.

Due to the fact that I’ve been getting positive home pregnancy tests (as in, I’ve taken five. FIVE. Yes, you may call me a psycho), odds are that my hCG levels are at least 50, which a blood test would have put in the “not necessarily negative” range. So, if I look at this situation pragmatically I can use logic to keep myself from exploding with maniacal tension and just assume that I already have all the information possible before my next test on Monday. Oh wait. It’s not until Tuesday.

Damn you, Memorial Day.


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